Wild Flowers
by Sharleen Cheung



Wild Flowers is a collection of designs for printed textile that explore the essence of adventure & bohemian lifestyle through striking and bold floral pattern designs. A combination of timeless art works created by hand for the purpose of generating intricate digital repeat patterns. 



To create designs that are inspired by the bohemian style which are often full of bold and playful designs, Here, the process involves, creating a variety of hand rendered motifs through line artwork, linocut technique and the help of CAD to generate a collection of digital patterns inspired by the combination of floral motifs and organic geometric shapes that suggest the femininity, playfulness, free spirits and the sense of adventures.


Wild Flowers' colour palette consist of striking and pastel colours from the bright and warm orange and pink to the bold burgundy colours, which was highly influenced by the beauty of the nature and the bohemian style.


In conclusion, Wild Flowers' art works consist of colourful and enchanting hand painted floral patterns and linocut. Each pattern represents a mood and a style within itself that engages and celebrates timeless designs , aspires and adjusts for fabric printing and the idea of slow fashion purpose and practice.